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inland locations. we'll look at that full forecast in that warmup in a bit but over to gianna with a look at the roads. one accident right now on the roads. south 101 at washington. i just checked in with chp over to the center divide. the vehicles facing the wrong way so it may cause a visual distraction. other than that, it is friday light. more details on that but right now back to you. cameras are up in one bay area neighborhood to record every move you make on the sidewalk and driving down the street. anne makovec is in oakland to explain what is going on. good morning, anne. >> reporter: the first of 30 new security cameras was installed yesterday on this restaurant along international boulevard to deter criminals and help solve crimes after they are committed. and there is a reason that the first one was put here on this restaurant. this effort was inspired by the murder of this man, jesus chuy campos. he owned the restaurant on the
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corner otiz. he was a fixture and was shot on the morning of april 8. his murderer is on the loose. there was actually a security camera six doors down at the time that could have caught the shooter running away. unfortunately it was pointing the other direction so these new cameras are a major improvement. >> you think it will make you feel safer? >> i think. i think it will be more safety for everybody. >> i think wherever they have cameras, people feel safer. >> reporter: so we are going to see 17 being put up over the next few weeks here on international boulevard and 13 more will be installed above foothill and fruitvale. they are high resolution cameras with the ability to notebooks in on faces and license plates. no live feed. it's just going to be recorded. so after something occurs, police would be able to go in
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and review the videotape. the cameras are owned by the city of oakland to the tune of $70,000 in exchange for the merchants with them on their businesses they have to give the police the keys to their businesses so they have access to their business and also to that recorded video to be able to solve crimes as quickly as possible. >> anne, the intention is good. but are people worried about "big brother" in the neighborhood? >> reporter: there is always that concern and you hear that pop when we talk about security cameras being installed in public places but in this case, a lot of the merchants around here are really feeling relieved. in fact, they begged police to do more for. they are just looking for anything to help. we have been talking about the police cutbacks and you just can't have officers on every corner. so if something like this might be able to deter crime they are all for it. >> hopefully it will help. anne makovec in oakland, thank
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you. a bad crash from a car plowing into a house in san francisco last night. it involved three cars and a motorcycle at clayton street and twin peaks boulevard. one of the cars landed upside- down on top of another one. there is at least one critical injury. building inspectors are checking the integrity of the house. pg&e is being hit with more lawsuits for last september's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. 81 more families are suing bringing the total to more than 100 households. the utility has settled claims with a few of the victims. well, there is another chapter to the bay area's great picasso caper. police say they found another stolen work by the legendary artist in the new jersey apartment of the man accused of stealing a picasso drawing here in san francisco. the newly found picasso belongs to a new york hotel. the "chronicle" newspaper says the east coast police raid netted about a half million dollars in stolen art. and it is wi-fi time on light rail in santa clara county. the valley transportation
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authority has finished testing the internet service. now vta is making free wi-fi available on all of its light rail trains. the "mercury news" reports it is the first mass transit system in the world with all 4- g wireless network. vta plans to add by into to its express bus in the next few months. nasa ames at moffett field played some key roles in the space shuttle program. in less than half hour it will host a special news conference with the atlantis astronauts. you're looking at live images from the international space station. anser hassan joins from us moffett field to explain what is next. good morning to you, anser. >> reporter: good morning. one week in, one left to go. the u.s. space shuttle atlantis is making its final mission to space. later today we're going to have an opportunity to talk to some of the astronauts at this press conference area set up here live at moffett field at nasa ames. it has been three decades of triumph and tragedy for the shuttle program going back to its inaugural launch in 1981.
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on this final mission, the four u.s. astronauts will be supplying spare parts to the international space station. like the shuttle program itself, the mission faced a few issues early on. a computer malfunctioned yesterday putting the crews on alert. the computer is critical for the astronauts to get back to earth. but aside from that, nasa ames' senior advisor jack boyd says all is going according to plan. >> according to this morning's report, they are doing a great job and everything is on schedule right now, yes. >> reporter: now, the crew is expected back next thursday. but later this morning we'll have an opportunity to talk to some of the local -- talk to the astronauts including one local astronaut. this press area has been set up and we are expected to have that live at just after 6:30 this morning and we'll bring that you live, as well. grace? >> it has to be exciting to think you could ask the astronauts a question. any idea what you might ask them? >> reporter: yeah.
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well, it's a great opportunity. we are going to be joined by some local media plus about 20 national media. one of the questions might be, you know, who picks the music that they wake up to every morning? everybody has been making a big deal about that. i think it was the beatles this morning. we'll have to find out who is the deejay in outer space. that might be one of the questions. >> anser hassan from moffield field, thank you. time now is 6:06. so i guess not quite beach weather this weekend. but can we at least maybe put away the sweater, the umbrellas? >> yeah. if you look at the beach forecast, keep the sweater on. cool out there and covered in clouds. but sunshine inland today. here's a beautiful shot outside. blue peeking through from mount vaca a preview of what's in store later on this afternoon. clouds at the coast and along the bay shores. inland seeing some clearing especially up in parts of the north bay and the east bay, as well. temperatures outside pretty similar regardless of where you are in the 50s for the most
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part. 52 in san rafael, 56 in fairfield and in livermore. 57 for fremont and redwood city. and highs for today going to hit that mid 70-degree mark in the warmest spots. not seeing any red on the map today. cooler at the bay shores at 60, cooler at the coast only in the 50s today and we are going to see breezy conditions. so warming up gradually over the next few days and then really warming up by middle of next week where we are going to hit that 90-degree mark that everybody has been waiting for. that's a look at the forecast. gianna has traffic. >> thank you. let's take you live outside right now to pleasanton where traffic actually is getting busy as you work your way at 580. typical this morning but friday light in some spots so not too bad. you will see extra slow conditions approaching the dublin interchange. altamont pass, slightly slow, 17 minutes right now from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. so overall still decent. antioch a few sluggish conditions but not as bad as the usual monday through thursday. westbound a little slow working
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your way into antioch. the central freeway so far, so good. accident-free in san francisco no delays through that area looking good off the skyway, as well. south 101 at washington though, we are still monitoring this accident out of petaluma in the center divide. again no major snags through there. back to you. >> thank you. talk about a close call. why a mother was forced to dive from a moving car with an infant in her arms. plus, the countdown is on to carmageddon. how l.a. drivers are preparing for this weekend's freeway shutdown. and the search resumes for a missing nursing student, michelle le. where her family plans to look this weekend.
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at good morning. afternoon easy commute out and about so far, so good. this is the upper deck of the bay bridge. no delays it the toll plaza. more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. a major traffic headache is expected this weekend in los angeles. >> it is being called carmageddon. it is the new term. because of the closure of a crucial freeway artery for 53 hours. and kirk hawkins is live at the 405 in los angeles to explain
6:12 am
why the closure is necessary. good morning, kirk. >> good morning. >> reporter: that's right. we're live high atop the sepulveda pass and now that we have daybreak you can see the mulholland bridge. this is the focus of this project. the focus of the 53-hour closure what we have been preparing for, for months. workers are making final premises. it begins at 7:00 this evening when ramps will shut down. workers are making final preparations. the dirt under the bridge is soaked and wet and ready to go so they can start the work with construction equipment and cranes and saws, everything in place for the all to happen. commuters have been preparing for this, as well. many of them deciding if they are going to stay in town or if they are going to stay and -- i shouldn't say stay local but if they are going to head out of town somewhere in the state in southern california, possibly visiting you guys in northern
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california, or elsewhere to avoid all this madness that we have been preparing for. >> is there any concern that people in los angeles may go into shock that they have to walk around, kirk, because i know you guys like your cars. >> reporter: you know, i think this might be the one time that some people will have to use their bikes and they will have to walk a little more frequently. i talked to a guy who lives in venice by the beach and he said that he is planning to park his car in his garage tonight friday night and he is not going to use it again until monday morning. and, of course, that's an area where you can ride around on your bike a lot. i talked to another woman who lives in south l.a. and commutes through the sepulveda pass here. she is planning to use her bike so a lot of people using alternative modes of transportation. it will be quite the shock and something we're not used to but we'll have to see what happens. >> there's been so much attention brought to this. there's been so many warnings
6:14 am
from celebrities to local officials. is there a chance that just this madness won't happen, it will be quieter than we typically see? >> reporter: you know, that's what a lot of people are hoping for. in fact, i have to go down to newport beach this weekend so i'm hoping that's the case that everyone stays off the roads. and if you look at our previous history here in los angeles, back during the 1984 olympics, there was much ado about how there was going to be constant gridlock, the freeways would be horrible but if you talk to people who lived here at that time, they say that the freeways were wide open and there was no real traffic problem. so hopefully, that will play out here this weekend and by the way, grace and elizabeth, i'm going to be on the lookout for and i survived carmageddon t-shirt and will send it to you. >> thank you. kirk hawkins in los angeles. that's a great term, carmageddon. >> whoever came up with that,
6:15 am
brilliant. time now 6:14. california college students hit again. the latest fee hikes now going into effect. he was doing like 110 at a point. >> and a mother clutches her infant son as a carjacker tries to take her on for what she is calling a ride from hell. and a pleasant day to fly out of sfo, cool with a high of 63 today. a few low clouds out there along the bay shores all day long. warmer as we make our way to texas. houston will be at 94 today. so hot and also seeing a chance of thunderstorms and also a chance of some showers. about 50 to 60%. and there is more wet weather in store as we make our way even farther to the southeast in georgia. atlanta topping out at 8 3, hot, thunderstorms and rain. we'll have the extended forecast coming up. ,, ,,,,
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immigrant rights activists have planned a news conference today, ose here's a look at the top stories. immigrant rights activists are have planned a news conference today to pressure san jose police chief chris moore. they are upset about his decision to get help from two federal immigration agents. the chief says their role will be limited to assisting with gang investigations. family and friends of a missing nursing student will continue their search for her
6:19 am
tomorrow morning. 26-year-old michelle le was last seen may 27th in hayward. police say they have reason to believe she is the victim of a homicide. supporters of california prison inmates promise a loud visibility march through downtown san francisco during the afternoon rush hour. hundreds of inmates at pelican bay and other prisons are staging a hunger strike. they are protesting what they call deplorable conditions and say they plan to make a statement. the weekend is finally here and everybody has been asking for sunshine and warmer temperatures all week long. those are going to come around but not quite yet. still seeing cloud cover out there this morning. this shot from our roof you can see a lot of gray out there still. clouds throughout most of the bay area out the door this morning. inland spots, some are seeing some clearing although clouds elsewhere. bay seeing clouds and drizzle out there. seeing some drizzle at the coastline, as well. breezy start and cloudy start. temperatures in the 50s
6:20 am
throughout the bay area. inland mid-70s, bay 60s, cloud cover and sunshine peeking through as well at the coastline, keeping it cool in the mid-50s and breezy at the coast. we are still seeing the low in the picture that's keeping us cool. we'll gradually warm up as this high slowly makes its way into the bay area. it's not going to be immediate. you might see a little bit of warming this weekend but the real warming is next week. cooler in yosemite at 80. monterey fog and only to 63 today. so cooler conditions more simple floor what we're seeing here. here's your highs in the bay area. of the sunnyvale and milpitas -- 69 in sunnyvale and milpitas. 69 danville. 62 san leandro. 76 in brentwood. for the north bay a cool 56 at stinson beach, 71 for sonoma and novato. warming into the weekend and
6:21 am
warming up by wednesday finally hitting 90. gianna franco has traffic. >> we have early-morning roadwork. that's been cleared and we are seeing nice speeds 61 miles per hour as you work your way north- and southbound 101. here's live look at conditions near mill valley. so far, so good looks good towards the golden gate bridge. golden gate bridge, clear into san francisco. about 10 minutes south 101 from 37 to 580. now 17 minutes from the altamont pass to 680. antioch slight delays as you work your way westbound. slight delays into pittsburg but accident-free and overall light through the area. the rest of the bay area bridges checking in problem free. here's live look at the san mateo bridge. both directions clear as you work your way between 880 and 101. now, along 101, so far lots of green on our sensors so you're up to speed. heading north 101 out of the south bay towards san mateo towards sfo 69 miles per hour
6:22 am
south 101 clear to the south bay. no delays on 280, slightly slower through san bruno. and quick look at the bay bridge, upper deck clear into san francisco. metering lights are still off. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. it now costs more if you want to go to a uc school. the uc board of regents approved a tuition hike of an additional $1,068 up 9.6%. so in all, undergrad tuition is going to jump to more than $12,000. that's nearly $2,000 more than last year. it is now 6:22. banning plastic bags. how a recent court victory has one bay area city considering a prohibition. they told me that he was a miracle. >> and a curious cat survived a 20-story fall. how it walked away with barely a scratch. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:23 am
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plastic bags. urt ruled yesterda the california supreme court has handed a victory to advocates who want to ban plastic bags. the court ruled yesterday that manhattan beach in southern california can ban retailers from using the backs and that's even without an environmental impact report on the increased use of paper bags.
6:26 am
official in san carlos may now take a closer look at the ban. cats have nine lives. this may be proof of it. >> he was obviously in shock for a while. >> this new york city cat named gloucester actually survived a 20 story plunge from an apartment building. >> is he limping? >> i think so. a few injuries. the cat crashed landed on the pavement with barely a scratch with minor injuries. the cat's owner left the window cracked when they left for a long weekend. >> 20 story, unbelievable. >> er cat stays inside? >> well... he is semi indoor cat. he's a little overweight so he doesn't go very far. really big. [ laughter ] coming up, would you remember something if you know you can google it later?
6:27 am
how the internet is changing the way we think. >> problem. plus, time is running out in the debt crisis showdown. backup plan that is taking shape in the senate. i am being recorded right now and not just by the camera that's in front of me. there are several being put up in this oakland neighborhood. we'll tell you why coming up. i'm anser hassan live in moffett field where we'll be talking to the astronauts of the final space shuttle atlantis mission coming up. and a lovely friday in store. temperatures in those inland locations reaching the mid-70s today. sunny skies around the bay shores, mix of sun and clouds cooler at the coast and clouds all day long. closed captioning of eyewitness news is brought to you by shreve & co. jewelers, a san francisco original. ,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it's friday morning, july 15. i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. frank has the morning off. we have a quick look at traffic and weather. our weekend forecast, here's kristy. >> good morning to you, elizabeth and grace. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. right now though temperatures in the 50s. 52 in san rafael, 56 for vallejo, also 56 right now in livermore. a little warmer in redwood city at 57. san jose currently at 56. i'll tell how much we're going to warm up later on but let's
6:31 am
go to gianna with a look at the roadways. >> thank you, kristy. we're going to start with a live look at traffic conditions westbound 580 coming out of pleasanton toward the dublin interchange. no problems. new troubles in marin county. i'll have details coming right up. but first back to you guys. >> thank you. police have a new way to watch your every move. in a high crime area of the east bay, anne makovec is in oakland where new cameras are going up in the fruitvale area. >> reporter: good morning. the first one was put up yesterday. i'm on international and 39th. you can see it here behind me. there is a reason it was put on this restaurant on the corner meant to deter criminals and help solve crimes after they're committed. this effort was inspired by the murder of this man, jesus chuy campos. he owned this restaurant otez, a fixture here for decades. he was shot while opening the restaurant on the morning of april 8. his murderer has not
6:32 am
been caught. there was actually a security camera six doors down that could have caught the shooter running away, but it was pointing the other way. a major frustration for the whole neighborhood. >> we know him personally so it hit us personally. >> it's frustrating to know that someone can actually commit this murder and still be walking among us. >> reporter: so this morning, the first of 17 cameras is up here on international boulevard. and then 13 more are going to be installed above foothill and fruitvale. they are high resolution. they have the ability to zoom in on faces and license plates. now, they are recording video but there is no live feed so nobody is watching it 24-7. all of these cameras are owned by the city to the tune of about $70,000. and in exchange for the city putting one of these cameras outside of your business, the merchants have to give a key to the police in case the police want to go and review that
6:33 am
video because it's all being recorded in these buildings. elizabeth? >> so high crime area, they got all these cameras going up. are they doing anything else to deter crime, more cops on the street? >> reporter: well, you know, we always hear the difficulties with all the city budgets and cutting back on police officers. they were recently able to hire back a couple of dozen officers here in oakland but not nearly enough to cover the city so they are turning to these more high-tech ways to help deter crime in the first place. >> okay. anne makovec live for us this morning in oakland. thank you. they may need these cameras because oakland is losing dozens more employees under the city's new budget. the tribune reports 56 city workers are losing their jobs this month. there are more cuts coming. the police department loses 48 positions next year. two firehouses will be closed daily starting next summer. and pay for elected officials is cut 15%. nasa ames at moffett field has long been an important part of america's space shuttle program. and this morning, the research
6:34 am
center will host a special press conference from space with the atlantis astronauts, who are of course in the last- ever shuttle mission. anser hassan joins us now from moffett field to explain what's going to be happening and it's getting exciting, anser. >> reporter: it is. that's right. light this engine one last time, famous last words last friday as space shuttle atlantis blasted off into space for its final mission. behind me a press conference is again a -- began a few minutes ago. we're talking live with the space shuttle crew and astronauts. joining me is jack boyd, with nasa ames since 1947. mr. boyd, good morning. your final thoughts on the final space mission. >> my final thoughts, it's a little sad but i think it's the beginning of a new era. we here at ames are particularly well focused to develop the technology to go further into space and to encourage young folks to go into math, science and engineering. >> reporter: is the united states making the wrong decision in shutting down the
6:35 am
space shuttle program? >> i think not. any program is good for the time as apollo was. shuttle did the same thing. it served the ability to -- for us to learn how to live in space and i think it served its purpose. >> reporter: what do we lose now that the space shuttle program is ending? >> for a short time we lose the ability to own our own to go to the space station. wait do that with the soviets. -- we'll do that with the soviets and commercial folks will be ready to do that in a couple of years. >> reporter: what will nasa ames be involved with over the next couple of years? >> it's a diverse center. we do aeronautics, space and life sciences, exploration. we have wind tunnels, ranges to test all the vehicles that will be needed for the future. >> reporter: mr. boyd, thank you for joining me. but behind me, very exciting moment as local media and national media have the opportunity to talk live with the four u.s. astronauts and
6:36 am
the international space station crew as they do their final historic mission. >> any interesting questions been asked yet? >> you know, we have been setting up, haven't had a chance -- we heard a couple of laughs so maybe some fun questions up at the start. buy think, you know, a lot of people -- but i think, you know, a lot of the people are sad, the crew and the international space station crew, recognizing the historic nature of this moment as the space shuttle program ends. so it's a historic moment here at nasa ames this morning. >> thank you, anser hassan joining us this morning from moffett fold president obama will not meet with congressional leaders for more discussions on the debt ceiling. yesterday's session ended again without an agreement on how to do it. instead, house and senate leaders will monitor the mood of their party's lawmakers
6:37 am
about the various ideas being kicked around. fed chairman ben bernanke warns of dire consequences if politicians don't get a deal approved before that august 2 deadline. >> jobs, interest rates, credit, availability of government payments, benefits, all those things would be affected in relatively short order. >> s&p officials say there is a 50% chance it will downgrade the u.s. government's credit rating within three months. president obama will hold a news conference later this morning as it is expected to start at 8:00 pacific time and you can see it live right here on cbs 5. federal investigators are looking into a collision between two planes at boston's logan international airport. >> this happened last night. the wing of a delta boeing 767 clipped the wing of a smaller plane that provides regional service for delta. both were on the taxiway ready
6:38 am
to fly out at the time. one had neck pain. rest were put on other planes. thinking about the weekend already? wondering if it's going to be a little bit of sun? yes, we are. one track mind. very focused on the weekend. >> one track mind for the sunshine and apparently our color palette today. everybody has bright pink on. i think everybody is hopeful that it's going to be bright and happy. it isn't yet. overcast at ocean beach. no sun peeking through there but there will be sun later on inland. temperatures though today still keeping them on the cool side. we are sitting below between 7 and 16 degrees below average for this time year. so still time for a sweater at the beach but we'll warm up. i'll tell you when in a bit. first gianna has traffic. >> thank you. we are getting reports of a broken-down big rig that may slow you down out of marin county south 101 at alexander blocking two right lanes. they are calling for a tow so hopefully it will be out of way shortly but still green so no problems.
6:39 am
if you are heading towards the golden gate bridge, southbound still clear 10 minutes from 37 to 580. and 101 south of there both directions clear towards sfo. coming up we have a rocking high five. right now back to you guys. >> thank you. a mother is carjacked. she and her baby taken on a terrifying 40-mile ride. it reached speeds up to 110 miles per hour. surveillance video shows her car shortly after it was carjacked. she and the baby inside as the driver sideswiped an suv. now, fearing the worst, the mother jumped out of the fast- moving car on the freeway. >> i jumped out and did like that and i hit my head and then rolled and then, you know, i guess i stood up. i asked him to pull over thousands of times. >> miraculously, both the mother and 20-month-old baby boy are okay. the driver also sideswiped a state trooper on his wild ride. the suspect is now locked up and he is facing kidnapping and assault charges. time now 6:39.
6:40 am
nice guys may not always finish last. a new study suggesting that alpha males may have it harder. plus, changes coming to california classrooms. the new lessons schools are required to start teaching. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. let's check the early numbers. and everything is up. dow up about 58 points. we'll check in and get an update from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks after this break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 am
waking up to cloud cover around the bay area but a warmup this afternoon. this afternoon 70s inland. the bay should see clouds clear out and mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the mid- 60s. at the coast keeping it cool today, only in the mid-50s and breezy conditions as well along the coastline. now, that low is still in the picture now keeping us cool. high pressure will bring us hot weather next week. this is your forecast through other parts of northern. sacramento today high of 80 mostly sunny skies. hot in redding at 88, fresno
6:44 am
87. yosemite cooler at 80. definitely cooler in monterey and fog only making it to 63 there today. highs for the bay area, keeping them between 7 and 16 degrees below average for this time of year. 75 is the high in fairfield. 70 in livermore. oakland making it to 65 today. san rafael 68. very cool in pacifica only 59 there today. now, this warming trend will be gradual for the next couple of days over your weekend. there will be sunshine in the inland location, though. and then as we make our way into monday, tuesday, wednesday, slowly creeping up in temperature finally hitting the 90-degree mark that everybody has been waiting for by the team we are in the middle of next workweek. so -- by the time we are in the middle of the next workweek. california state fair should be beautiful, 84, plenty of sunshine. i just read that you can get a maple bacon ice cream sundae so that sounds perfect for the hot weather that will be there in sacramento. that's a look at your forecast. over to gianna with a look at the roads. >> maple and bacon, wow.
6:45 am
>> yum. >> let's jump over to our slowest spots. it bogs down around hillcrest to loveridge through westbound heads up. rest of the bay area though problem-free. here's live look at bay bridge, metering lights off, you can see traffic up to speed across the upper deck into san francisco. also san mateo bridge looking good in both directions and elsewhere, mass transit bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. today's hi-5 comes from pacifica. unfortunately, the clouds were too low for chopper 5 to make it out there but we have great pictures of the kids from green room music center. now, these kids participate in a summer rock camp for kids. session one is under way but there are still slots open for sessions 2 and 3. in addition to rock camp green room is a new facility where throughout the year they offer private lessons and rehearsal spaces
6:46 am
for bay area bands. now, their official grand opening is tomorrow. saturday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in pacifica off cresci, free food, drinks, live performance from these guys here from all these kids participating in rock camp. so if you want to be a rocking kid check it out. if you want to be part of our hive phi, email us at thanks, kids. >> rocking out. that looks cool. rock camp. that's what we miss. band camp. >> i didn't do that. did you do that? i was in drama. >> you were? >> still a drama queen. [ laughter ] >> no comment. [ laughter ] is the internet taking the place of our memory? >> it's true. a new study in the journal "science" suggests that online search engines are making people rely on computers to remember things for them. researchers found when people were asked questions they
6:47 am
didn't not answers to they automatically thought to look up the information and were less likely to remember it if they knew they could just simply look it up again later. >> i know. we all do it. there was a big jump for google shares in after-hours trading. we'll see how it's doing with jason brooks with kcbs and jason, as if google needed this boost, right? >> reporter: well, grace, actually we kind of forgotten what it was like for google to be a real growth company when it comes to profit and its revenues. it's really struggled on wall street over the past several months but its latest earnings really knocked one out of the park. its profit rose 36% to $2.5 billion. revenue up 32% crossing $9 billion in a quarter for the first time. google is embarking on a lot of ambitious projects including its latest social networking effort google plus. it says it's already signed up 10 million users in just the first couple of weeks. investors have been very
6:48 am
concerned about google's spending. it's been on a hiring spree. it added another 2400 employees in this past quarter. that's on top of 2,000 in the 1st quarter. google shares are responding to that report. they are up about 13% early on this morning. clorox, which is based in oakland, makes a whole host of different consumer products from glad bags to hidden valley ranch dressing and kingsford chore coal. it's the target of a takeover from billionaire investor carl icahn. he is proposed to buy the company for $10.2 billion, would take it private. icahn took a 9.5% stake in color was last december. observers thought something like this would be coming down the line at that time. wall street very interested in this. it's got clorox shares up about 9%. getting word that inflation eased back on the consumer side in june down .2%. mainly it's due to a drop in gas prices helping wall street, as well. right now the dow is up 53,
6:49 am
nasdaq up 18, the s&p up 7. also, oil prices up by about a dollar. >> jason brooks with kcbs and thank you. textbooks in california public schools will soon contain references to gay history. and for more on that let's go out live to cbs 5 political insider phil matier and his guest this morning, state senator mark leno of san francisco. and they are joining us live from caffe roma in san francisco. good morning. >> good morning. and it is both historical and to a certain extent controversial. the governor just signed a law by you. >> yeah. >> that basically says what? >> that the role and contributions of lgbt gay americans will be included in our school curriculum not unlike african, mexican, native, european, asian- americans, also included in our school curriculum currently. >> at what grade does it start? >> kindergarten through 12 curriculum. >> reporter: when we talk about
6:50 am
including in curriculum, what are we talking about here? are we talking about danny and his two moms being read in first grade or harvey milk in civics class? >> are we going to be outing historical characters? no. we are talking about include a chapter, a very important chapter, of civil rights history which is currently being censored. you don't learn that there was a guy, gay american man by the name of harvey milk who fought for civil rights just like there was an african-american man named dr. martin luther king both assassinated. >> reporter: but again, is it going to be, you know, like said danny and his two moms? are we going to be teaching about the lifestyle, the choice, or is this about the -- >> a chapter of civil rights history. keep in mind -- >> reporter: so it's not going to be about -- >> this is history. this is history. a chapter of civil rights history. as recently as 1972, when i was a young man coming out, the american psychiatric
6:51 am
association listed homosexuality as a mental illness. today we are talking with the state of new york and its governor signing into law equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. this is a fascinating chapter of history. >> reporter: all right. let me play devil's advocate. >> go right ahead. >> reporter: gay marriage right now is working its way up through the courts and the political system of america. not everyone agrees with it. we're split here in california. if it was to be a curriculum on that, would it -- how would it be taught? >> teach it as it's happened, that the california state supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional not unlike massachusetts, vermont, hawaii supreme courts before it to deny marriage loves to loving committed same sex couples. then the people stepped forward and said we didn't like the decision, we are going to the ballot. this is him. it's being made and we are censoring it right now and it doesn't do our kids any good to deny that this is happening. >> reporter: another thing where we only have a little bit of time but one other thing that some of the republicans who voted lockstep against this objected to was not only -- >> one republican voted for
6:52 am
it. >> in the senate. >> in the assembly. >> okay. running for mayor of san diego. >> okay. not only is it to be taught but it's to be taught in a favorable manner and they say the question is, who is it you guys in the state legislature to tell anybody how to teach something? >> they are twisting it again. it will be told as it has happened, of course, victors tell the story, we know that. but you cannot be biased or derogatory. you can't defame this community. >> reporter: are you going after this coffee? >> to read with some kids in marin city? >> what are you going to read to them? >> whatever book they put in my hand i will read. >> reporter: in a couple of years that might be different. when does this start? >> january 1, 2012. the textbooks won't be reprinted until 2015. >> i'm sure it's going to be the talk of the nation coming up. thanks for stopping by. >> thanks for the hot chocolate. back to you guys. >> thankthank you for joining
6:53 am
us from caffe roma in san francisco. next, we'll take one more look at your weekend forecast and your morning commute. we'll be right back. if you get the feeling that somebody's watching you when you're in this neighborhood of oakland, you are probably right. we'll tell you about the new security cameras and why they are being put up coming up next. ,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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call or click today. they'll record everyone walking on the sidewalk, and driving down the street. surveillance cameras have gone up in a bay area neighborhood. they will record everyone walking on the sidewalk and driving down the street. anne makovec is in oakland to explain why they are doing this. good morning, anne. >> reporter: yeah, in fact, i am being recorded right now and not just by the cameras in front of me. there is one behind me one of several in the neighborhood but now we are looking at a very comprehensive effort to make sure that every square inch of this area is filmed in order to deter criminals and help solve crimes after they are committed. this effort was inspired by the murder of this man, jesus ch uy cam pose, he owned the restaurant on the owner a fixture tore decade, ortez. he was shot opening the restaurant on april 8. there was a security camera six doors down that could have caught the shooter running away but it
6:57 am
happened to be pointing in the other direction. so today the first of 17 cameras is up on international boulevard. 15 more will be on foothill and fruitvale. they can zoom in on faces and license plates paid for the by city for $70,000. they will have an unveiling ceremony today. >> thank you. thinking about the weekend? >> i know. here's kristy. >> you will notice it's summer next week. we'll finally be close to 90 over the next couple of days and hit it later on. today cool, cloud cover this morning, starting to pull back to the coastline by this afternoon. but you do see sunshine in sight inland today and continuing to see sun inland for the next several days until we hit the 90s by wednesday. and this weekend, great events aids walk in san francisco cool
6:58 am
for that only 59 degrees partly cloudy conditions. so those walkers and runners will want to take a jacket. that's a look at the weather conditions. let's check in with gianna and see how the roads are doing. >> thank you, kristy. they just turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge so slight delays at the toll plaza but past there, up the incline and on the upper deck, traffic is moving nicely into san francisco. no snags on the lower deck heading into oakland. but again those metering lights have been turned on. first reports of an injury accident north 280 at bunker hill off the road, slight spectator slowing passing the scene for emergency crews. rest of 280 problem-free in the south bay no delays, 101 northbound looking good to san jose, and milpitas also checking in problem-free at 880/237. if you are traveling to southern california, 405 completely shut down starting tonight so avoid it if you can. back to you. >> thank you. apparently being the boss can be a thankless and
6:59 am
stressful job. >> now a study of baboons finds that is true in the animal kingdom too. biologists at princeton university looked closely at relationships in baboon packs which like wolves have an alpha male at the tomorrow. the research showed they had high stress hormone levels just as high as lowest ranking males. they believe the duty of fighting off challengers for choice females and fending off other males is tough. >> researchers say it could lead to a better understanding on the impact of stress hormones on humans' health and how our social rankings contribute to stress. >> how do you measure the stress level of a baboon anyway? >> i think it's the blood tests but i'm only guessing through certain chemicals released. >> tough being an alpha male chasing after all those female baboons out there. >> that's

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